Woodland Botanicals’ Legendary 4Thieves Essential Oil Blend 10ml (Copy)


A blend of five pure, extremely high grade essential oils, each with it’s own inherent therapeutic properties.
Clove (syzygium aromaticum); Lemon (citrus limon); Cinnamon (cinnamomun verum); Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis); Eucalyptus Radiata.


16th Century Oil™ (Legendary 4Thieves)

Woodland Botanicals’ Legendary 4Thieves Essential Oil   10ml & 30ml
Powerful Immune Booster / Kills Airborne Viruses & Parasites
10ml pure essential oil blend for diffusing / humidifier

Create a pathogen KILLING ZONE by diffusing or spraying in an enclosed room

Diffuse periodically for 20-25 minutes at a time to help protect the body against the onset of flu, colds & viruses

Direct skin contact can result in extreme sensitization

Do not ingest. Clove & eucalyptus are strong irritants

Make your own Sick Room Spray, Massage Oil, Deodorant – recipes 🙂

INGREDIENTS: Pure, highest quality, cold pressed or steam distilled. Each one has been chemically analyzed and is certified free of pesticides, solvents, dilutions and contaminants of any kind.

Highly concentrated essential oils. Use only a few drops at a time and diffuse no longer that 20 minutes.
Do not use if you are epileptic, pregnant or nursing.
Keep away from eyes & sensitive mucous membranes.
Cinnamon & clove oils can give a burning sensation for up to 5 minutes.
Rinse with carrier oil, if discomfort is too great, follow up with soap and water – do not use water first.
Keep out of the reach of children.


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